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According to the Wealth Research Group, 98 percent of people die without fulfilling their dreams…

…but you don’t have to be one of them! The world needs you!

Join us for an 8-week online course designed to help you on your journey of discovering and pursuing your dreams. We start with exploration & help you narrow down the possibilities to move forward to your preferred future.

This Course Is Designed To:
  • Give you permission to dream again
  • Help you define and design your life instead of letting others do it for you
  • Help you clarify and choose one dream to focus on and pursue
  • Help you to create you a clear plan of action to pursue your dream
  • Give you the courage to follow through
This Class Is For:
  • People who feel stuck and know there is something more but aren’t sure what that is or how to get there.
  • Passionate people who want to change this world and just need some direction and encouragement.
  • Students who are undecided about the path they want to follow.
Course Breakdown By Week

What do you want? It’s time to ask that question and It’s time to dream again. It’s time for you to define and design the life you want instead of letting others do it for you. You get to choose! According to the Wealth Research Group, 98 percent of people die without fulfilling their dreams. This is the week we begin to give yourself permission to dream again without limits and change that statistic.

This week you will evaluate your list of dreams and begin to ask yourself questions that help you determine what is the one dream you want to pursue. You may have several and that’s ok. You’ll think about the problem you want to solve for others, what makes you most passionate and you will start to build advisory team that can help you narrow the possibilities to one dream for this season.

No one succeeds in anything worthwhile without the help of others.  The teams you need may vary depending on your dream, but we all need people. This week we will discuss the people you need in your life to help you succeed – team members, staff, volunteers advisers, coaches and/or mentors.  You want to surround yourself with people who believe in you but will also give you good advice to move your forward in the direction you want to go.

This is the week you choose one dream to pursue for a determined length of time and we begin to discuss the action plan to help you move forward.

Now that you have chosen one dream to pursue, it is time to create a plan of action for a determined length of time. This week, we focus on your specific action plan that you can start implementing right away.

What holds you back from achieving your dream? What are you thinking? Sometimes there are real obstacles and sometimes there are perceived obstacles. Everything starts with the mind and this week will discuss how to get your mind set in the right direction moving you forward!

Nothing worthwhile happens overnight. Real stories will be shared this week of times when it would have been easier to quit, but perseverance through the trials were worth it. Q&A will follow.

Where as you are finishing our Dare to Dream Coaching Program and Course, you are just beginning. You now have one dream to pursue for a designated length of time and a plan to pursue it. You have already started to put your dream into action.  This last session will be focused on what to do in the weeks ahead to move you forward.  It is also celebration week and course participants will have the opportunity to share their plan in small groups.

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Meet your Instructor - Jill Nash

Jill Nash is both a dreamer and a doer. Jill’s activities throughout life range from pursuing a passion for acting, building (and then retiring from), a successful professional life to raise a family, to hosting values based leadership events to help transform communities to running a non-profit called, Looking4Answers that leads people from their pain to their purpose. One of her greatest desires is to be a catalyst to help you move forward in faith toward your preferred future. Jill wants to help people dream again and put those dreams into ACTION!

For a limited time we are offering an 8-week pilot program for 50% off normal program prices.  Our course includes

  • One online video lesson per week which will include activity sheets for you to do during the week. 
  • A private  online connected  community. 
  • Live weekly virtual  group coaching. 
  • Special guests of people living out their dreams ready to inspire you. 

Our pilot program is only $997 $497 and includes all class lessons, worksheets, and coaching for the full eight weeks. Once our class is full, we will choose a date and get started! Click the “Pay Now” button below to secure your spot.

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